Sara Conca is a world renowned, American, contemporary abstract artist of French-Italian descent.


Her work has been acquired by many collectors in Europe and the United States. Sara’s paintings can be found in private chateaus, hotel lobbies in France, hospitals and airports in Northern Florida. Her artwork is in many, exclusive, celebrity homes and museums.


By the age of 17, Sara was living and working in Paris. A life changing experience that reinforced her need for movement, energy, and art. While in Paris, Sara studied sculpture at Ateliers D’Art De St Maur Des Fosses, and further continued her education in South Florida as an assistant of the critically lauded artist Purvis Young.


Sara spent her last 18 years traveling extensively and living in Manhattan, solely supported via her painting sales. The influence of New York City gave her an insightful appreciation for her ever- changing environments and settings, as well as heavily influencing her painting style.


Sara recently returned to her Florida roots, which has inspired her to create a fresh, new, mystical aquatic series involving natural mixed media such as raw silver dust and 18k gold leafing, raw color pigments, mica flakes, and natural crystals.


“My work is intended to instantaneously immerse the viewer into the visual and emotional energies that I have devoted to each piece. Depending on one’s ability and willingness to be guided by the senses, these paintings can lead one away from the mind and into an alternate and self-made reality filled with color and freedom. My new series features blues. I love working with this color because it changes in the light by  manipulating the textures and layering with silver dust or gold; thus affording each piece continuous movement and energy from the reflecting and refracting light.”

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